Katie Couric's Notebook: Snits And Snark

Hi everyone.

With 326 days until Iowa...you'd think we'd still get to enjoy that early, idealistic phase of the campaign...when the candidates go on TV with policy agendas, not political attacks.

But strategists for the two leading Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, started slugging it out yesterday...and we the media ate up every bit of it.

David Geffen, the Hollywood mogul, says Hillary is too ambitious, polarizing, and her husband's behavior reckless. But California Democrats say Geffen's real beef with Senator Clinton is that her husband didn't pardon one of Geffen's friends.

The Clinton team was in a snit. The Obama people got snarky.

It's 21 months until Election Day. Can't we elevate the discussion and make it about issues, and not insults.

Every election cycle begins with this fervent dream. Will candidates ever realize that mudslinging just gets everyone dirty?

That's a page from my notebook.