Katie Couric's Notebook: Saints

The headlines say it all. Lombardi Gras. Big Easy Does It. All Saints Day.

I even got into the action. I tweeted "Sweet Breesus" last night on the train back to New York.

The road to the Super Bowl has been anything but easy for New Orleans, and for the Saints. They had the help of Drew Brees, as adept at being a good person as he is at being a good quarterback. But as a passenger on the train said to me, "It takes a team."

And to quote a song that's actually about baseball, it takes miles and miles and miles of heart.

It was hard not to root for this victory, not to cheer when I saw the joy of a championship beneath the superdome that was the scene of so much suffering after hurricane Katrina.

The headline on the Times Picayune on September 2, 2005, read "Help Us, Please."

Today, it was simply..."Amen."

They say in New Orleans "Who dat say dey gonna beat dem saints?"

The answer this year...is nobody.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.