Katie Couric's Notebook: Home Economics

They used to say that women went to college to get their MRS degrees. It was never particularly funny but now, more than ever, it's patently untrue.

Women outnumber men in college and the workforce, winning their own bread. Thank you very much.

So it's no surprise that fewer women are rushing to the altar these days. Census data out this week found marriage at a record low: 52 percent of adults said they were married last year, compared to 57-percent in 2000.

Mark Mather of the Population Reference Bureau calls the drop an "adaptive response to... economic uncertainty." More couples are choosing to delay marriage and live together instead.

But Mather says that decision could have unintended consequences, since getting married is still linked to higher incomes, better health, and not to mention stability for children.

For some couples, putting off marriage may be a wise decision but it's also okay to put a ring on it. Tying the knot for the right reasons can also improve your quality of life. That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.