Katie Couric's Notebook: Haiti Rescue

Hello everyone. Katie's on assignment in Haiti.

By now you've probably seen the video from Port-au-Prince -rescuers frantically digging through the rubble with their bare hands – struggling to free victims trapped for two days now.

Many survivors have been pulled out alive. A man walked away from the collapsed United Nations building this morning but countless more are still waiting, praying, that someone will get to them in time.

Rescue teams from the U-S and around the world are there and some have the heavy equipment capable of lifting tons of debris. But there are still very few of those machines and because building codes we take for granted were ignored in Haiti there are so many crumbled buildings.

Two years ago, survivors were rescued eight days after a massive earthquake ravaged central China. So, victims in Haiti still have time. But it is not on their side.

I'm Kelly Wallace. CBS News.