Katie Couric's Notebook: Gaza

The New Year has brought renewed violence to the Middle East. For 10 days, Israelis and Palestinians have exchanged rocket fire. Five-hundred Palestinians are reported dead, including 100 civilians. As Israel flexes its military muscle with ground troops, Hamas continues to fire rockets deeper into Israel, making the prospect of a ceasefire nothing more than wishful thinking at this point.

President-elect Barack Obama has been silent on the conflict, stating that our nation only needs one president at a time.

It's true that weighing in on specific foreign policy could contradict President Bush and send mixed signals to the global community. But there are about a million people without electricity, food supplies are running short, and hospitals are overburdened in Gaza.

As one United Nations spokesman said, this is a humanitarian crisis.

Now is the time when protocol, and the desire not to step on toes, should take a back seat to both leaders working together before it is too late.