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Katie Couric's Notebook: Earth Day

(AP Photo)
Last year, candidate Barack Obama left Iowa with the wind at his back, having scored an upset victory in the first caucus of the 2008 election.

Today, he returned to The Hawkeye State with a message about the wind, and how we can harness its power for energy.

While wind power provides only about two percent of our electricity now, the AP reports the wind industry generated 13,000 jobs last year.

The president's energy plan focuses on renewable resources and the creation of green jobs, but it has lawmakers from coal-producing states like Kansas seeing red.

As old debates continue about what's best for state economies versus what's needed to clean up the environment, Earth Day feels a bit like Groundhog Day.

President Obama claims his plan can satisfy both interests, but his staffers admit it's an uphill battle.

Ultimately, Congress will decide if today's talk turns into action, or just becomes a lot of hot air.

That's a page from my notebook.

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