Katie Couric's Notebook: BlackBerries

Hi, everyone.

Do you feel a rush of excitement when you get a new email message in the middle of the night?

OK, I'm a loser...but when the red light on my BlackBerry is flashing, I get pretty happy.

Over six million people now own these dangerously addictive BlackBerries. And the numbers are growing.

I can't help but wonder (gosh, I feel like Andy Rooney) if staying constantly connected to the world is keeping us disconnected from those closest to us...and in the same room.

Instead of giving our families our undivided attention, we're sharing what little time we have with our electronic friends instead. As one executive told the Wall Street Journal, "Even when I'm home, I'm not necessarily there."

I doubt the new Apple iPhone is going to help matters. So maybe it's time to give our thumbs a rest, turn our gadgets off, and pay attention to real life messages from the people we love.

That's a page from my notebook.