Katie Couric's Notebook: African-American Voters

In early 2007, two Democratic contenders headed to Selma, Alabama, to commemorate the 1965 voting rights march.

At the time, Barack Obama trailed Hillary Clinton by double digits among black voters.

We know how things turned out, but today he still has the support of more than 90 percent of African-Americans - double his overall approval rating.

Tonight on the CBS Evening News, we'll bring you the final installment of our American Voices series. We talked with a group of black voters - a key demographic for Democrats as they try to hold back the flood waters of a Republican tide.

President Obama's election was proof of how far race relations have come in America since the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

But our panelists agreed, while that bridge was crossed - there are many miles left to walk and no simple solutions to the nation's problems.

Hear their voices tonight...and use yours on Tuesday to vote.