Juror in Apple-Samsung case speaks out

(CNET) Manuel Ilagan said the nine-person jury who heard the patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung knew after the first day that they believed Samsung had wronged Apple.

In an exclusive interview Ilagan told CNET's Greg Sandoval that the jury had several sometimes "heated" debates before reaching their verdict yesterday. He said that nothing in the deliberation process was rushed and that the jury carefully weighed the evidence.

"We found for Apple because of the evidence they presented," Ilagan said. "It was clear there was infringement."

Asked to point to some of the more compelling evidence Ilagan mentioned correspondence. "E-mails that went back and forth from Samsung execs about the Apple features that they should incorporate into their devices was pretty damning to me," he told Sandoval. "And also on the last day they showed the pictures of the phones that Samsung made before the iPhone came out and ones that they made after iPhone came out."

Ilagan also commented on some Samsung executives who presented their testimony via video from Korea. "I thought they were dodging the questions. They didn't answer one of them. They didn't help their cause," he said.

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