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Jogger's Husband Is Hospitalized

The husband of a missing pregnant woman who apparently vanished during a morning run spent the night in the psychiatric unit of a hospital, reported Mark Koelbel of CBS station KUTV Thursday morning. His family and police confirmed later in the day that Mark Hacking was in a hospital suffering from stress.

He's not a suspect in his wife's disappearance, but Hacking hasn't been completely honest with his own family. He had told family members he planned to attend medical school at the University of North Carolina, following his graduation from the University of Utah.

Both schools denied those claims Wednesday.

Mark and Lori Hacking have been married almost five years, and she learned last week that she is five weeks' pregnant.

They planned to move next week to Chapel Hill, N.C. for medical school.

Doug Hacking told a news conference Thursday that even though his son is incapacitated by grief, they spoke of the deception Wednesday night at the hospital.

"He has two older brothers who are high achievers, a physician and the other is an electrical engineer," Doug Hacking said. "He felt under some pressure to excel as well.

"It has finally come to an end, and he's relieved," he said.

Mark's brother, Lance Hacking, said the family was grateful the deception is now out in the open, and the family can again focus all their attention to finding Lori.

He also said the deception over his brother's academic career did not raise any red flags for the family in terms of Lori's disappearance: "Mark's mannerisms toward Lori has been ideal from the moment they met."

"I was profoundly stunned" was the reaction of Lori's mother Thelma Soares, she told CBS News Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen.

Soares told KUTV Thursday that she was certain her 27-year-old daughter also didn't know. "Up to the time when I spoke with her last, she was deceived also," she said.

The University of Utah said Hacking was enrolled from spring 1999 to fall 2002, majoring in intermediate psychology, but never graduated. The University of North Carolina said he never applied.

"We're not naming him as a suspect, but we have not cleared him either. So we're looking carefully at every aspect of Lori's life prior to her disappearance and after as well," police detective Dwayne Baird said on The Early Show.

Doug Hacking has said the couple were not having any marital problems.

Police Chief Rick Dinse tells Ben Winslow of CBS radio affiliate KSL he believes foul play may be involved.

"We have an investigation going on into the disappearance of a young lady under suspicious circumstances," Dinse said.

And, at Thursday's news conference, he added, "There is no question (Mark Hacking) is a person of interest — and he would be regardless."

"What has happened with Mark has no bearing on Lori," said Thelma Soares Thursday before another search was to begin in off-roads from the canyon where she disappeared and in nearby downtown neighborhoods.

"She's still missing. Please come and help us search the city, we need your eyes and your ears," she pleaded with volunteers.

On Wednesday, the search area moved out of Memory Grove Park in City Creek Canyon, where Lori Hacking's car was found, and into nearby neighborhoods. The canyon was searched twice Tuesday, but there were no signs of Hacking.

Volunteers took fliers door-to-door in downtown Salt Lake City neighborhoods and also knocked on doors and asked questions.

Earlier this week, Mark Hacking said he works the night shift and usually sleeps when his wife goes running. He said she normally returns home about 6:30 a.m. to shower and get ready for work. He said she normally would wake him up to drive her to work.

He said that on Monday, he woke up later in the morning and learned she had never arrived for work.

Police have seized items from the couple's apartment near the University of Utah. Authorities would not say what they removed, but television news footage showed paper bags, boxes and a box spring being taken from the residence.

Police impounded a large trash bin as well, "somewhere between Memory Grove and the apartment," Detective Kevin Joiner said.

There is a Web site to aid in the search,, and a telephone number, 801-799-3000.

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