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Job Search: Where to Find Work as a Teacher

Want to teach? Whether you aim to teach small children, college students or simply train other adults in a profession, there are lots of jobs available if you know where to look.

According to the job search website, there are nearly 120,000 advertised help wanted positions for teachers, trainers and educators.

But it's tough to nail down top employers in this field, says Indeed spokesman Michael Werch. That's because most of the opportunities are local.

If you have a masters degree or Ph.d but want to work from home, also check with Western Governors University. The nonprofit all-online campus is growing so fast that President Robert Mendenhall says they're constantly hiring instructors and "mentors" who help counsel students into the right classes and encourage them to continue through graduation. Instructors work from home, keeping in touch with students via phone and web.

Here's another link to start your search for teaching and education jobs:
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