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Jim Gaffigan on living in a time warp

Jim Gaffigan on living in a time warp
Jim Gaffigan on living in a time warp 01:50

It's already August. But is it, really? 

I mean, the calendar may indicate that it's August.  The weather outside might feel like August. The corn I planted would make you think it's August. But is it really August?  

Wait – I planted corn?!? 

It can't be August. There wasn't a July or a June, or a May. There was definitely an April! I remember April, it felt like a cruel extension of March.

What if we are still in March?

It could still be March. I'm still doing the same things I was doing in March. I'm still only hanging around these people I call my "family" like I did in March. I'm still dressing like I'm struggling with a hangover like I did in March. 

I still don't understand how those Zoom meetings work.

I still watch the news frustrated and flabbergasted, like I was in March. I still don't understand that term "New Normal." Like I didn't understand it in March! How can something be new and normal? How can something be normal and new?

I gotta check my corn.

That's why I know it's not March, because I'm growing corn ... and why am I growing corn? 

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Story produced by Sara Kugel. Editor: Emanuele Secci. Illustrations: Mitch Butler.

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