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Jeep's Twitter account hacked

Jeep is the second big brand this week -- after Burger King -- to have its Twitter account hijacked.

The American automaker's official Twitter account was the victim of a hacking attempt on Tuesday. Jeep's Twitter profile was updated with a description that said the Chrysler-owner brand was sold to Cadillac, a General Motors company, which is not true. The account was restored to its original state at around noon PT.

The temporary account holders also posted several disparaging updates saying the brand was sold to Cadillac because the CEO and staffers were caught doing drugs. Jeep's Twitter background image was even temporarily changed to a picture of a red and yellow car with McDonald's branding, as pictured in screenshots.

Hacker collective Anonymous is taking credit for defacing the account. Jeep's usurped account included the #OpMadCow hashtag, the same hashtag hackers used yesterday when they took over Burger King's Twitter account and embarrassed the fast-food brand with messages saying that it had been sold to McDonald's.

When reached for comment, a Twitter representative said that because of privacy and security considerations, the information network does not comment on individual accounts.

The company, however, will no doubt have to come up with a better response for its brand customers, who are likely becoming increasingly uneasy about maintaining a presence on Twitter after the back-to-back Burger King and Jeep incidents.

This article originally appeared on CNET under the headline "Hackers take Jeep's Twitter account for a joyride."

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