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Jaycee's Terror as Her Ordeal Began

Information is starting to surface that's painting a clearer picture of what authorities say occurred when Jaycee Dugard's nightmare began and in the first years that followed, reports CBS News Correspondent Ben Tracy.

Immediately before her life changed forever in 1991, Dugard was an 11 year old at a bus stop near her house in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., when she was dragged into a car, allegedly by Philip Garrido and his wife, Nancy.

"Once she was in the car," former San Francisco prosecutor Michael Cardoza told CBS News, "what happened was they pushed her down on the floorboards, threatened her, and then took her straight away to Antioch, Calif.," where the Garridos lived.

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Cardoza says police sources tell him it was years before Jaycee was allowed off the Garridos' property. "They put her in the backyard in a tent or one of the outbuildings back there," Cardoza adds. "They left her in the backyard for three-and-a-half years before they let her get out in public."

In 1993, just two years into the ordeal, Phillip spent some time in jail on a parole violation. During that time, Nancy is believed to have been in charge of Jaycee and, when Philip got out of jail is when, it's believed, he fathered the first of Jaycee's two daughters, now 15 and 11.

"When this case proceeds to trial," points out CBS News legal analyst Trent Copeland, "Nancy Garrido will be every bit as culpable as Phillip Garrido."

More recently, Tracy says, Jaycee and her daughters seemed to be allowed to interact with neighbors. But, he notes, nobody knew what was really going on in that backyard for most of the 18 years before Jaycee and the girls were freed late last month.

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