James Bond: Secret to spy's success

For 50 years, the agent known as 007 has brought guns, gadgets and gals to the silver screen under the guidance of one family

[From film "Dr. No"]

Woman: Mr.?

Bond: Bond, James Bond.

Barbara Broccoli: He sort of exploded on the screen in Technicolor with Jamaican locations, and--

Anderson Cooper: And hot women.

Barbara Broccoli: --hot women, and bikinis.

[From film "Dr. No"]

Honey Ryder: Looking for shells?

Bond: No, I'm just looking.

Barbara Broccoli: It's a pretty exciting world that Bond inhabits.

But it's a world Sean Connery almost wasn't part of. Hard to believe, but in the beginning, Broccoli told us, Ian Fleming didn't think he was right for the role.

Anderson Cooper: What do you think his concern was about Connery?

Barbara Broccoli: Well he didn't fit the sort of typical British hero. But Cubby and Harry saw him as a rough diamond. They just felt this electricity.

[From film "Dr. No": Where were you measured for this?]

To help him look the part, the film's director took Connery to a Savile Row tailor to get him fitted for a suit.

Barbara Broccoli: He said to Sean, "All right, now it fits like the glove. And I want you to go home, and I want you to sleep in it. And I want it to become your skin."

Anderson Cooper: He made Sean Connery sleep in his Savile Row suit?

Barbara Broccoli: Sleep in his suit.

Over the course of six films, Connery set the bar for the five actors who followed - George Lazenby for one film, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and now Daniel Craig.

Anderson Cooper: Do you have a favorite Bond?

Barbara Broccoli: It's like asking, you know, who's your favorite child or your favorite sibling. You know, you have to understand, we grew up with all of them.

Anderson Cooper: I heard that you actually believed Bond was real when you were a child.

Barbara Broccoli: I did. Because that was all everybody ever talked about in our house. So it was like some-- you know, exotic, distant uncle who was going to appear at any time.

Anderson Cooper: Do you wish he was real?

Barbara Broccoli: Well, he is real to me, in a way. Because he's, you know, so much of my life is-- you know, dedicated to him. But I'm not sure he'd be that much fun in real life. I think, you know, maybe to spend a weekend with him. But I don't think you want to live with him permanently.

Anderson Cooper: He's not a long-term relationship kind of guy.

Barbara Broccoli: No, he's definitely not a long relationship.

[From film "Thunderball"]

Woman: Behave yourself Mr. Bond.

[From film "Live and Let Die"]

Woman: James.