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Jailed Boxer Tested For AIDS

Former heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison, who faces drug and weapons charges, is undergoing hospital tests to determine if he has AIDS.

Morrison was at Washington Regional Medical Center Thursday at the urging of his attorney, who said he had noticed a recent change in Morrison's physical and mental conditions.

Lawyer John Hudson said he asked Washington County jail officials to have Morrison tested to see if his HIV had developed into AIDS.

"I requested it in order to determine if he merely has HIV or has full-blown AIDS, as well as to determine if he's stable, in general, and well enough to be in the jail," Hudson said.

On Tuesday, a judge revoked Morrison's bond and ordered him to jail after a Thanksgiving Day arrest for drug and weapon charges in Madison County. At the time, Morrison was free while awaiting a Washington County trial on previous drug charges.

Morrison began taking medication a year ago to treat the virus that causes AIDS, Hudson said. But Hudson said he has been told that Morrison stopped taking the HIV drugs recently.

Morrison looked physically fit during an October arraignment in Washington County on charges of possession of cocaine, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of drug paraphernalia.

But on Tuesday, Morrison "looked gaunt," Hudson said. "Mentally, I don't know how to characterize it, but not well. And physically, not well."

Morrison defeated George Foreman to win the WBO title in 1993. He had 40 knockouts during his career, his last fight in 1996 just after testing positive for HIV.

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