It's Just Sex

Scientific Breakthroughs For A Better Sex Life

A recent study by Time magazine points to the long-term benefits of an active sex life, including a stronger immune system, less chance of depression and perhaps even increased longevity. Modern medicine is pushing the limits like never before.

48 Hours Investigates examines the latest developments on the landscape: new prescription nasal sprays, pills and creams to help men in the bedroom; older women dating younger men; a senior citizen's sexual journey; tips on how to put sex back into a sex-starved marriage.

Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports from the front of the ongoing battle against erectile dysfunction. The latest "weapons" include a newly approved prescription pill called Cialis, playfully known as "the weekender" because it can be effective for up to 36 hours. Another pill, called Levitra, on the market for only a few months, is already competing with the erectile dysfunction champ, Viagra.

Now, younger men are using the drugs -- and EQ or "erectile quality" is now the name of the game. Other treatments still in the testing stages include nasal spray and creams designed to provide positive results.

A new study reports that one-third of single women over 40 are dating younger men. Correspondent Maureen Maher looks at the latest female sexual revolution.

Also, Correspondent Erin Moriarty reports on Jane Juska, a 67-year-old divorced grandmother who began a journey to find sex and romance after 30 years without it. What did this retired high-school English teacher do to attract men?

More and more married couples are too tired and too stressed to find time for sex these days. 48 Hours Investigates has some tips from the experts on how to bring the spark back to a sex-starved marriage. Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.

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