It's Christmas!

Christmas gifts
Weekly commentary by CBS Evening News anchor and Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer.
A little Christmas poem.

It is Christmas morn, so long for wished but soon it will be gone. As we prepare our Christmas feast, let's sing a Christmas song. Peace on Earth, good will to all. The families around the tree; Santa came, he said he would, which filled the kids with glee. Dolls and sweaters, Dad's new ties unveiled to `aahs' and `oohs.' We're knee-deep now in Christmas toys, shiny paper, velvet bows.

Soon we'll eat more than we should, two helpings if we please, followed by a Christmas nap to put us all at ease. Then as it is with all good things, it's gone before we know it. Dirty dishes, all that trash, workers needed, not just poets. Take down the tree and haul it out, get out that carpet clean. New Year's near, there's work to do in this week that's in between.

It's Christmas morn, so long for wished. Yes, finally it is here. Now may the love that this day brings stay with us through the year.

To all of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope this was your best ever, and to those who don't, I wish you joy in the wonderful new year. Let us never forget we are all God's children and all in this together.

We'll see you next year right here on Face The Nation.
By Bob Schieffer