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<i>Survivor Marquesas</i>'s First Ouster

Survivor is back to the beach, and on night three Peter Harkey, the 45-year-old bowling alley owner from Millis, Mass., became the first person to be voted out of Survivor: Marquesas.

The quirky Zen master had sealed his fate earlier by revealing his voting strategy to his disapproving Maraamu tribe members. After Peter's torch was extinguished, he looked back on his short time spent on the island saying, "Sometimes I take myself a little too serious. I should have taken my wife's advice and come to this island and just had fun. I will have fond memories of this adventure."

Survivor: Marquesas poses a new challenge that sets it apart from previous Survivor shows - abandoned on a tiny deserted island in the South Pacific, these 16 new castaways are stranded with absolutely no rations of food or water.

Separated into two tribes, Maraamu (Wind) and Rotu (Rain), they will compete against each other and must live off the land, essentially creating a new society.

Either they learn to adapt to their surroundings and their fellow tribe members, or they will be voted out of the tribe. Every three nights one tribe will trek to Tribal Council, where they will vote one of their own off the island. One person will remain and claim the $1 million prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

Peter's Final Words

"Sometimes I take myself a little too seriously. I wish I had heeded my wife's advice to just come to this island and have fun. And, truly, the other seven contestants -- I love them dearly, and I'll have fond memories of this adventure."

Tribal Council Vote

Peter Harkey - 5
Sarah Jones - 2
Patricia Jackson - 1

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