ISP: Meet The Mormons

On today's show: Mitt Romney defends his faith; an Orson Welles blooper; and embarrassment at the gym.

Mitt Romney mentioned the word "Mormon" exactly one time today in the speech billed as "the biggest of his career." Like John F. Kennedy back in 1960, Romney's speech confronted stigmas and closed-minded attitudes based on his faith. But that seems to be where the similarities end.

In 1960, Kennedy made a speech in Houston to a protestant ministerial conference. Today Romney spoke at President George H. W. Bush's library, introduced by the former president and surrounded by supporters and family in the audience. Unlike Kennedy, Romney took no questions from the crowd.

The speeches included many of the same principles, but the messages were different. Kennedy said the word "Catholic" eighteen times. His motive was clearly to convince the ministers that his specific faith had no place in the business and work of the Presidency.

In contrast, Romney seemed to be arguing that faith does belong at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But a kind of all encompassing, ecumenical faith. The "faith of our Fathers" notion that we have heard thrown around before.

Compare the text of both speeches and see what conclusions you come to. Here's Kennedy's, and here is a link to Romney's.

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