Is There An Afterlife?

Could It Be True?

Do you believe in life after death? A large majority of Americans do. But have you ever seen and heard what it looks like?

CBS News 48 Hours, in conjunction with, examines the stories of people who believe they have experienced life after death. You'll also meet a psychic who claims to have contact with the afterlife, a skeptic, and a scientist who is examining these questions.

In conjunction, has created a resource on aging and assisted care in America.

Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, the Web has a plethora of information on life after death. We've picked out some of the best sites.
Take a look.
A Closer Look: Science Weighs In: Is there a rational explanation for psychic communication with the dead? Or near-death experiences? We talked to two professionals, a skeptic and a scientist.

Believe It? Or Not: How many Americans think that life after death is a reality? Find out here.

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produced by Daniel Milikow and David Kohn