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Iraqi Militants Seeking Contact with Arab Governments

Al Waleed Media:
Iraqi militants want to meet with Arab leaders to brief them on the insurgents' political program and their current and future vision regarding the situation in, according to the leader of an umbrella group comprised of nine Iraqi militant groups who was interviewed by an Iraqi news website called (Al Waleed Media).

Nasser al Hasni, the spokesperson of the Jihad and Reform Front, which is led by the Islamic Army in Iraq, criticized Arab governments for ignoring the Iraqi groups. "The problem with the Arab leaders is that they didn't listen to the Iraqi resistance's point-of-view and kept getting their information and perceptions through the American administration and the parties participating in the political process, which led to everyone's confusion and to the deterioration of the situation," he remarked.

Al Hasni aimed his attacks at the United Arab Emirates in particular for opening an embassy in Baghdad, which he believes gives the current government legitimacy and strengthens the Iranian presence in Iraq.

The website reported that the interview was conducted through the Internet and it did not verify al Hasni's identity. It noted however that the fact that his answers were posted on the group's official website is evidence that the spokesperson was indeed the one interviewed.