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Internet Transaction Security Assured?

It's kind of a dangerous claim to make, but mathematicians at IBM Research and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have co-developed a new encryption system they claim will make Internet transactions completely secure. The founder of the IBM Ethical Hackers program, Charles PalmerÂ…

"We want to show everybody that while the Internet is pretty dog-gone secure today, I still buy lots of books and I'm sure you do too and things over the Internet, there's one step further that you can take. And the reason we want to make this very public is so that everybody will do it. The Internet needs to be as safe as it can possibly be to make sure that e-business and electronic commerce can actually take off."

Palmer knows that by saying the new encryption method can't be broken, some will see it as a challenge. The only way to crack it would be by random guessingÂ…andÂ…

"It would take all the computers in the world several thousand years to guess one followed by forty zeros as a possible key."

The new method is being made available to allÂ…

"There's no proprietary nothing here, it's Â…hey guys, this is the right way to do things, worldwide on the Internet. Please, lets everybody go do this."

IBM researcher Charles Palmer.

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