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Industry Moves: Second Life CFO Departs For The Real World

This story was written by Tameka Kee.
Linden Lab CFO John Zdanowski has resigned, headed off to "find the next business adventure," according to the company blog. Known as "Zee Linden" in-world (his avatar is pictured here), Zdanowski said it was time to move on given that Linden had successfully grown from a cool tech startup, to a profitable company with a "very healthy cash balance."

He joined in 2006, right before everyone from Reuters and Showtime, to the U.S. Army became obsessed with Second Life, and he's one of the few members of the company's initial executive team that lasted this long: founder and CEO Phillip Rosedale stepped down in early 2008, and co-founder and CTO Cory Ondrejka (now at EMI) left in 2007.

Zdanowski's exit comes on the heels of another long-time vet's departure: VP of marketing and community development Robin Harper also just quit, per Virtual Worlds News, meaning relatively new CEO Mark Kingdon has the room to grow his own team. (Recent new hires include a Chief Product Officer, and VPs of strategy and emerging business and core development).

By Tameka Kee