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(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

After it was noted in the broadcast that William Henry Harrison, America's ninth president, caught pneumonia during his lengthy inaugural address in 1841, KatieCouric noted that he is a distant relative of hers. Also, she said his story "is a cautionary tale to every president following to keep it short when it comes to the inaugural address."

When speaking to Gen. Colin Powell, Bob Schieffer asked what he thinks the inauguration of Barack Obama will do for America's reputation abroad.

"I think it's already helped. It's really been a remarkable event in terms of getting everybody to stand back and say 'look at what we have seen here in America. The America we remember is back again.' So I think it was a reaffirmation of American principles and values that will help us overcome some of the difficulties of recent years with respect to the attitude of the world towards us."

At the inaugural platform: "We saw Denzel Washington, we saw … Sen. Jim Bunning, a former hall of famer," said CBS News Capitol Hill correspondent Chip Reid said. "Governors, senators, you name it, we got it."

Looking at a view of the crowd of millions attending the inauguration, Schieffer said: "The star of this show is the wide shot."