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In the Spotlight: Kellogg Center for Biotechnology Management

When the market speaks, Kellogg School of Management listens. Recruiters began clamoring for a program addressing the commercialization of life sciences -- pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and agriculture -- back in 2000, so Kellogg went to work creating the Center for Biotechnology to study innovations in this area and to establish a biotechnology major.

Since the biotechnology industry is not exempt from the normal rules of business, the biotech major must be coupled with a concentration in one of the functional areas, such as marketing, finance, management and strategy, etc. Students of Kellogg's biotechnology management track go on to hold leadership positions in companies involved in the development of life science innovations, from startups to large pharmaceuticals and medical device organizations.

Here's a glimpse of what's coming up in the 2009 open enrollment curriculum--

  • Science for Managers, offered March 9-12, 2009 and Sept. 14-17, 2009 in association with Johns Hopkins Medical School, is designed to provide executives and managers with a practical understanding of the scientific and development foundations in the life sciences. You will learn the science behind the industry and the breakthrough technologies so as to communicate and perform more effectively in this complex environment.
  • Business for Scientists, offered April 13-17, 2009, is designed to introduce scientists to business concepts and industry specific tools and frameworks. Basic knowledge in accounting, strategy, finance, and management will be covered and its relevance applied to the biomedical sector. The course will enable you to think of how innovation moves from bench to market.
  • Strategies for Management of Intellectual Property, offered June 8-11, 2009 in association with World Intellectual Property Organization, is designed to expose participants to the various organizational skills needed to confidently develop, analyze and negotiate the IP of their corporation. Outstanding faculty from Kellogg School of Management and WIPO will help you understand the strategies involved in IP Management. Special guest experts will complement the foundations presented by the faculty.
To stay on top of this fast moving, complex and highly entrepreneurial industry, scientists must have business savvy and managers, science-savvy, for the greatest impact on their organizations. These executive courses show Kellogg's Center for Biotechnology is leading the pack.
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