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In Kuwait: February 19

Return to Showdown in the Gulf
There are a lot of nervous people in Kuwait. But they are taking heart in the fact that the American military is beefing up, with 4,000 troops already on the ground and 6,000 reinforcements on the way. The first of the reinforcements flew in from Georgia Thursday.

Their tanks and other gear are already here, parked and maintained since the Gulf War. All the troops have to do is to hop in, drive to the desert and wonder what's next.

"We're here to prepare for anything that might come our way," says Spec. Layla Smith.

That includes Iraqis coming across the border.

"We do what we're trained to do. We're soldiers, we're here to protect Kuwait," Smith says.

There are other just-in-case precautions unfolding. Patriot missile batteries showed up around the main airport about two weeks ago. And British tornadoes are now on the scene. The last time around they were among the first to hit the Iraqis.

The U.S. and its allies can strike from here. But that makes Kuwait a likely target for retaliation, so the Americans want to have enough force at hand in the air and on the ground to keep Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from striking back.

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