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In Images: H.E.B. Buffalo Speedway Hybrid Store Blows Out Food Choices

Recently in the blog, we discussed the new Kroger and H.E.B. supermarkets open on Buffalo Speedway in Houston, hybrid combinations of traditional stores and gourmet operations run by the two supermarket chains, and we later posted a photo spread of the Kroger store.

Now it's H.E.B.'s turn.

H.E.B's new Buffalo Speedway store adds elements of the company's Central Market specialty gourmet concept to a traditional supermarket framework. Initially debuting on Aug. 5, the 68,000 square foot store was designed to serve an affluent community in the range of its needs, from family dinners to in-home entertainment, while helping individuals and families find healthier and better shopping choices, H.E.B. stated.

"H.E.B Buffalo Market aspires to inspire," Cyndy Garza-Roberts, director of public affairs for the supermarket chain's Houston region, commented as the store opened. "We listened to what our customers wanted while building this store. Everything about the store, from its design to its fresh offerings, was specifically tailored to meet the needs and desires of this community."

Major store features include one borrowed from Central Market, Café on the Run, providing a selection of ready to eat food sufficient not only for a family dinner but for catering of entire parties as well. The meat department includes USDA prime, organic and natural selections while seafood ranks as one of the most ambitious operations in the market, providing seven-day-a-week fresh fish deliveries from around the world, as well as a wide selection of wild and local catches. The produce section features 900 different kinds of fruits and vegetables including an extensive array of organic items. The wine department is set to feature at least 2,000 varieties of fine wines from around the world in an elegant setting. And the Blooms floral department presents shoppers with more than 100 quality fresh flowers and plants, and offers delivery services as well as classes on floral arrangement. H.E.B. also designed the new Buffalo Speedway store with sustainability in mind. It features numerous green elements, including a greater use of natural light, reflective butterfly roofing to minimize cooling energy related to daytime heating and efficient facilities elements including computer automated air conditioning that conserves power while maintaining customer comfort. The store also was built with recycled building materials and Forest Stewardship Council certified wood, employed to encourage environmentally responsible forest management.