In Fashion This Fall, Eight Is Enough!

There's no need to go out and buy new wardrobe for winter, even though you may be tempted to do just that! In fact, according to Dawn Yanek of Life & Style magazine, you really need only eight items to take you through the season in style.

Yanek came onto The Saturday Early Show to demonstrate how you can incorporate these key items into your current wardrobe for a fresh, updated look. And, perhaps best of all, each of the key items she's selected costs $100 or less.

According to Yanek, "Eight is definitely enough when it comes to trends. We've chosen versatile pieces that demontrate this season's essentials beautifully, but you may fall in love with, say, a gorgeous jeweled bag instead of jeweled shoes. These guidelines are meant to put you on the right path to taking your already-existing wardrobe and updating it for Winter 2007."

And the best news is that this wardrobe rehab won't bust the bank. "You definitely don't need to spend a fortune to incorporate these trends," says Yanek. "We're in such an amazing place right now, with stores like Express, Forever 21 and H&M providing trendy pieces at affordable prices as well as even offering lines from big, high-end designers, who design affordable pieces specifically for their stores. That said, some of these items can definitely be considered investment pieces, and that's where you'll want to spend your money. After all, you will use a great bag or a pair of shoes all throughout this season, and you'll want it to hold up through everyday use, as well as in seasons to come."

Trend 1: The plaid blazer
Says Yanek: We're seeing plaid in every style and silhouette this season, and it's not so much about the particular style (preppy, punk, etc.) as it is about the fact that each of these styles is incorporating it. For example, cropped jackets are big this season, and your outfit can be tranformed into a retro, tailored one with the right black and white blazer or mod-inspired one.

Trend 2: Flat knee high boots
These boots are, say Yanek, "the perfect melding of style and comfort - and how often do we get that in a supertrendy piece! This style is easy-to-wear and versatile. You can tuck your jeans into them, you can wear them under your wider-legged jeans or you can pair them with a skirt or dress. Depending on your overall look, they can be casual or a little dressier," she said.

As seen on the air:

Angie with Love plaid blazer, $44.00, Macy's stores nationwide
Steve Madden Tianna Flat Boot, $89.00,
Bisou Bisou Green patent bag $38,
BITTEN, Sarah Jessica Parker High Rise Jeans, $14.98, available exclusively at Steve & Barry's stores nationwide
Turtle neck, $14.80,

Trend 3: High-waisted pants
According to Yanek, "Most women can pull off this look! Whether you're tall or short, if you pair a high-waisted skirt or pair of pants with heels, your legs will look like they go on forever. It's also a look that creates the perfect curves if you don't have them ... and makes the curves on curvier women look just right." She had one caveat: "If your belly is a real trouble spot, you may want to avoid this look," she says.

Trend 4: Patent Shoes and/or Handbag
Yanek thinks that "You don't have to splurge on these - you can find them at a variety of price points - but if I were to splurge on something, this would be it. Patent leather has been a staple in our wardrobes for the past few seasons; it's become a classic that's here to stay, especially if you opt for a great pair of black patent pumps. Think of them or a handbag as a great investment piece: It will attract a lot of attention and really make a statement, and best of all, it won't go out of style."

As seen on the air:

Express High Waisted Pant in Grey, $79.50, Express Stores Nationwide
Mossimo® Darby Mid-Heel Peep-Toe Pumps, $24.99,
Fashion Express Patent tote, $38,
Cobalt Blue Blouse, $49.50, Express Stores Nationwide
Dominique Cohen for Target Chain Ribbon Tie Necklace, $29.99,
Black Bangle, $5.80,

Trend 5: 3/4 length coat
Yanek calls this item "retro and lady-like, but in a fun, whimsical way." She thinks that it can be both dressed up and casual: "It can go either way. It looks more lady-like and retro with a dress, while it can be a great casual-chic coat when paired with jeans and heels. I would pair it with heels, however, because of the length; flats could make you look a little stocky in it." As for the will-I-be-cold-with-shorter-sleeves question: "Layering plus gorgeous, long gloves = warmth!"

Trend 6: Long gloves
"When I think of these," says Yanek, "I picture very elegant, formal ones (a la "Breakfast at Tiffany"), but new ones come in all fabrics (wool, leather, etc) to wear anywhere, right?" Her preferred style: "You can scrunch or wear long. The scrunched look is a bit edgier and trendier, while the long one is a bit more classic and retro."

As seen on the air:

Forever 21 coat, $49.80,
ALDO long black gloves, $25.00,
Black and White Checkered Hat, $7.90, H&M stores Nationwide
Collective Clothing grey dress, $68.00, Macy's stores nationwide
Steve Madden Applegate ankle boots, $133.95,
Tights, $5.80,
Earrings, $3.80,

Trend 7: Shift dress
Along with patent leather shoes and long gloves, the shift dress is another classic look, says Yanek. "The shift dress, in general, is a bit retro, yet still timeless and elegant." For this season, you should buy one that's brightly hued. "The deep, bright pink adds a pop of color, making you the center of attention. Wear it with nude tights and you have an elegant evening look."

Trend 8: Jeweled accessories
We all have jeweled items tucked away, and now's the time to dust them off. But how much is too much? Yanek says, "It really depends on the individual items and where you're wearing them. For example, a jeweled dress would work with an oversize cocktail ring, while on a separate look, a jeweled bag and big jeweled earrings would do the trick. The key is to space out the jewels - for example, you don't want big earrings and a big necklace, since they'd be too close together and look overdone.

As seen on the air:

Kensie Shift Dress, $88.00,
The Limited metallic jeweled clutch, $38.00, The Limited 800-756-4449
Jackie ballet flats, $18.80,
Mixit jeweled bracelet, $18,
Jeweled hair band, $10.00, Express stores Nationwide
Jeweled ring, $ 2.80,