Impress The Chef

As part of a special six-part series called "Impress The Chef," each of the anchors was given an assignment: Prepare a home-cooked meal for resident chef Bobby Flay.

It was up to Hannah Storm, Rene Syler, Julie Chen, Harry Smith and Dave Price from The Early Show and Gretchen Carlson from The Saturday Early Show to choose what they wanted to cook.

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Wednesday, since Hannah cooks every night for her family, she decided to serve some family favorites: Rice Artichoke Salad, Beans And Bugs, Beef Brisket, and Fresh Peach Pie. Try these old-fashioned comfort food recipes.

- Harry impressed Flay with his bistro lunch: Roast Beef and Salad.

After promising his wife to be more involved in cooking, Harry said, he realized it was time to use the roast he had picked up at the grocery store last week. He made do with the ingredients he found in the cupboard.

- Rene kicked the series off. Watch her cook Fish Tacos with Buff's Mango Salsa and Betty Crocker's Brownies a la mode.

Though she admits she is not entirely confident in the kitchen, she picked a favorite dish, gave it her best shot, and even impressed herself.