'If Looks Could Kill"

Kate White best-selling debut novel,If Looks Could Kill follows the adventures of a true-crime reporter turned amateur sleuth who tries to solve a murder without ending up dead herself. She visits The Early Show on Wednesday, to talk about it.

Less than a month after it's release, "If Looks Could Kill" is already a huge smash. This weekend it was No.13 on The New York Times Book Review list and is expected to be at No. 10 next week.

White says she has consistently been an avid reader of mysteries. Her favorites have been "whodunits" -- and that's what she wanted to write She loves being able to solve the crimes along with a book's ameteur sleuth. She says that those kind of books are few and far between these days with thrillers being much more en vogue. She would describe If Looks Could Kill as a real whodunit, but admits that she added some suspense in order to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Amazingly, White is almost done with her second book. She says that in that one her heroine will go to a spa. During her stay a massage therapist is murdered and she finds herself acting as amateur sleuth once again. While White is loving writing, she doesn't plan to make it a full-time career right now. She says that several years ago she might have but that "when I met Cosmo. I met the love of my life." She enjoys her work there too much to leave right now and says it's a great place to pick-up tidbits for future books!