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If Bernie Madoff Read Exodus

Old Testament writers promise in Exodus and Deuteronomy that the iniquity of the father will be visited upon his children. In other words, a man's sins live on for generations. We may never learn if Mark Madoff had knowledge of his father's business dealings. He and his brother claimed they did not. Prosecutors never seemed close to bringing charges against them. But, Mark Madoff was facing a different kind of trial...of humiliation...of being an outcast. It's a long fall from being a child of wealth and privilege to living as the son of a pariah. Civil suits aimed at unearthing whatever Madoff money is left target the Madoff grandchildren. Tat brings us back to Exodus, which says God will punish the children of those who sin even unto the third and fourth generation. I wonder if Bernie had ever read that.

Just a Minute...I'm Harry Smith, CBS News

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