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'I Love Mom More Than Ice Cream'

There are a lot of women out there who deserve to be celebrated this weekend. So The Early Show's Dave Price headed to the Minadeo Elementary School in Pittsburgh, Pa., to ask the pupils there to tell him about the woman who means the most to them.

"How much do you love your mom?" Price asks Max, a red-headed boy. "Uh, this much?" he answers extending his hands shoulder wide.

"Only that much?" Surprised, Alexa, a girl sitting next to him, adds, "I love my mom a whole lot more than that."

To get a better idea of Max's love for his mom, Price asks him again how much he loves ice cream. And with a big smile, Max extends his arms fully and says, "Mmmm.…THIS much" -to the laughter of all the students around him.

Price gives him another chance, asking him how much more than vanilla ice cream he loves his mom. "Medium more," Max says and laughs.

So how much does Alexa love her mom? "More than every speck of sand on every beach. That's how much," Alexa says with poise.

Price's advice for Max? Spend more time with Alexa.

"No way, uh uh, no how," the two say in unison. Max even turns his back on Alexa.

Well, Price says, "Some day you could be spending Mother's and Father's day together!" But his comment is not well taken, kids around them start yelling, "No!"

Price asks another boy why his mom is the best in the world. "Because to me, she's the only mom in the world," he replies.

That means she is the best mom because she's the boy's only mom? "Yeah," the boy assures Price, there is no other option.

So why do we have a Mother's Day?

Price poses that question to a girl, and, very seriously, she replies, "So the greeting card industries will make more money."

He clarifies her answer, "You're saying Mother's Day is like a scam for the greeting card industry?"

She nods emphatically and says, "Basically."

Price moves on with his questions, this time drawing a stick figure on the blackboard that he says represents one girl's mom.

He asks, "How is your mom different from this drawing?"

Simply, the girl answers, "Well my mom has hair and eyes and she's not a stick."

The following questions relate to presents:

Taking advantage of the blackboard, Price asks the girl for advice as to how much money a mom should get as a gift.

So she takes the chalk and starts calculating, "She's been your mom, and you love her and care about her and she's been with you since the day you were born…Let's give her $200."

Feigning surprise, Price says, "$200?"

"Yeah," she says but wanting to accommodate Price, she adds, "Ok, we'll take it down to $100."

"Why $100?" Price says. "Do you want higher?" she asks, "No I was thinking lower," he says.

Frustrated, she answers, "OK. Well, if you want to be a real cheapskate you can give her a dollar."

What do you think moms like? He asks another girl, "House appliances," she says, "like a sturdy teapot."

Another girl's mom would like a different gift. On Mother's Day, she says her mom would like to "go buy some Coach purses."

He asks then a boy what he would get his mom. "I'd get her fake flowers," he says, "Yeah, to improvise. They don't die on you."

So is there anything Mom could work on for next Mother's Day to be a better mom?

"Umm, yeah," a boy says, "Making better hamburgers" to a sympathizing Price.

His next question is for an older kid: "If you're a mom and you're looking for a good Mother's Day gift, what should you not do during the year?"

The boy gives it a thought and answers, "Don't sing in front of your kid's friends. And don't pinch their cheeks in front of their friends."

So what have we learned today?

Max answers, "That I love my mom more than vanilla ice cream!" And laughs hysterically.

And in one voice all the kids scream together, "I love you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day!"

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