Hyde Seeks Cooperation

Sources tell CBS News that the House Judiciary Committee is preparing a so-called stipulation list -- essentially a checklist -- that will ask President Clinton whether he is willing to agree with key evidence in the Starr report.

The list will be extensive, reports CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Scott Pelley. It would ask, for example, whether Mr. Clinton agrees that Vernon Jordan's grand jury testimony is accurate or whether Monica Lewinsky's testimony is true.

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The committee says this will help move the process along.

On Wednesday, the committee chairman suggested he might expedite the hearings by reducing the number of impeachment charges against the president.

"Obviously we are going to have to consolidate, streamline, if we are to attend to the array of charges within the time limit that we have imposed upon ourselves. And all that is contingent on cooperation from the White House," said Rep. Henry Hyde.

The stipulations will be one of the first requests the committee makes of the White House. One committee source says that if the president refuses then the end-of-the-year deadline may have to be extended.

Reported by Scott Pelley
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