Hungry Minn. Pilots Fly In For Lunch

Hamburger on plate
A pair of pilots struck with mid-air hunger pangs landed their planes on a city lake in Minnesota Monday in order to grab a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant.

Two small, older-model planes landed on the north end of the Lake Calhoun, near Minneapolis. The pilots hopped out and later told people they wanted to get a hamburger at the lakeside restaurant Burger Jones, reports CBS affiliate WCCO.

The local police were not amused.

The pilots received citations for the illegal landing and the Federal Aviation Administration was called. The FAA inspected the planes and the pilots' licenses to make sure they could take off.

Police said the fine associated with each ticket could be up to $1,000, WCCO reports.

Watch the full WCCO report below:

Local Video from WCCO in Minneapolis/St. Paul