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Hulu's Days of Summer Not as Lazy as Broadcast and Cable

Even as Ad Age's Rash Report complains that cable TV is doing a lousy job taking advantage of the broadcast network's rerun-filled summer schedules, some intriguing counterprogramming is going on over at Hulu: Hulu's Days of Summer, which launched late last month and highlights content new to the service. Sponsored by Bing -- which is quickly becoming the most prominent advertiser on the Internet -- it's a smart strategy, and one that cable would be wise to follow. Why not try to turn your video service -- no matter which platform it resides on -- into a habit when your competition is asleep at the wheel?

The one thing Hulu could stand to improve here is that its Days of Summer schedule, at this writing, is only sparsely filled out. It's hard to tell whether that's to keep up some suspense or whether the site hasn't gotten around to it. Still, if you want to see both TV seasons of the acclaimed -- but long-ago cancelled -- series "Dead Like Me", or Hulu's first episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Desperate Housewives" from its new investor, Disney, it's worth checking out.

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