Huffington talks sleep, "overbooked" HuffPost nap rooms

Arianna Huffington on "CBS This Morning."
Arianna Huffington on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Media Group, is such a proponent of getting more sleep that she's installed two nap rooms at The Huffington Post, her online news website.

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"They're so overbooked," Huffington said Tuesday on "CBS This Morning."

She said when she started the nap rooms about a year and a half ago, people were hesitant to use them. But now, she said she's gotten requests for a third to be installed.

Huffington became an evangelist for more sleep after she fainted from exhaustion four years ago. She'd been traveling with her daughter for a college tour the week before and was doing work after full days of activities. When she fainted, Huffington hit her head on her desk. She broke her cheekbone and had to get four stitches.

A new study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham that finds getting too little sleep can put older and middle-aged people at risk for stroke. Researchers found that people studied did not have the usual risk factors for stroke. Their weight was normal, and they were at low risk for sleep apnea.

For more on that study and more discussion with Huffington on the dangers associated with sleep-deprivation, watch the video in the player above.