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How To Use the BNET Beta

Some of the finest minds of our generation worked hard to make the new BNET intuitive and easy-to-navigate, but for those who were used to the old site -- or those who would rather let us do the driving -- this post will help you get (re)oriented.

On the BNET home page, there are a few items that warrant special mention.  The most obvious of these are the animated "carousel" banners that highlight the latest and greatest additions to the site.  Super-spiffy.  The pages turn automatically, or you can control them using the key at the bottom of the image. Just sit back, relax, and don't be alarmed if the banners seem to have a mind of their own -- They do!

Below the banner, you'll find a round-up of popular articles to the left, and a few highlighted posts from BNET columnists in the center. To the right is an all-new business news feed with headlines and stock charts updated every few minutes.

At the top of each page, you'll find a new set of navigational tabs to help you pinpoint the information you need:

TODAY: This tab will always take you back to the BNET home page

MANAGEMENT: A one-stop shop for advice on working effectively with others.

STRATEGY: Tips and tools for improving your firm's competitive positioning.

INSIGHT: The place to go for daily comment and worldly wisdom from BNET contributors.

: The new home for the former BNET White Paper archive.

WORK LIFE: Where to go for personal productivity tips and advice on managing your own career.

MY BNET: Your personalized page, with account management tools for registered users.

With the launch of the new site, we're also introducing several new types of articles to complement our existing library.  Each has been hand-crafted to provide the practical information you need -- in formats that are concise and easy to read.

BNET FEATURES: A focused collection of articles about a specific topic.

BNET CRASH COURSES: How-to articles that map out the best way to achieve your professional goals -- one step at a time.

: Executive summaries about important business people, companies, trends, or ideas.

BNET BASICS: Quick-reads that teach the fundamentals of essential business skills.

We'll be rolling out lots more BNET articles in the months ahead, while our Insight columnists will be posting several times each week.  We also have lots of secret stuff in the works that we can't tell you about just yet. (Well, we could tell you, but then we'd have to... you know.)

For now, however, we're thrilled that you're here, and we appreciate your patience while we work out some of the kinks.  Take a look around.  Explore.  Kick the tires, then take BNET 2.0 for a test drive. When you're done, come on back and tell us what you think.

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