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How to Successfully Become Pregnant

For a hopeful mother-to-be, there are only a few days each month when she is able to become pregnant. And determining when those days are and keeping track of them can be difficult. Our health correspondent Dr. Emily Senay is here to tell us about some new high-tech ways to help women keep tabs and keep track.

When it comes to getting pregnant, timing is everything. A woman can only become pregnant during ovulation--the short period of time when an egg is released and is ready to be fertilized. To maximize the chances of becoming pregnant, a woman has to try to pinpoint those few days when the body is most likely to release the egg.

What are some of the ways to pinpoint the most fertile days?

One way to determine the most fertile time is to chart your menstrual cycle, and now there is a new way to do that courtesy of the Internet.

Some European Web Sites are offering a service where a woman can calculate her most fertile days by entering the number of days in her cycle and the date of her last period. The fertile days are determined by the program and a text message is sent to her cell phone to remind her when those days are. Text messages like "Tonight's the night."

Are there any changes in the body that a woman can look out for?

One change is body temperature. A woman's temperature usually rises one degree just after ovulation. By taking her temperature regularly first thing in the morning before any work or exercise, a woman can watch out for that change in temperature.

What about changes you might not notice?

Hormone levels also change during ovulation, so another way to help figure out if you're getting ready to release an egg is to keep track of them. There are devices and kits available in stores that measure those hormone levels.

Any other tips for wannabe mothers?

There are other changes in body fluids that can be an indicator that the time is right to conceive, and your doctor or gynecologist will be able to advise you on which techniques are right for you.

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