How to Remove the BS from Your Sales Messages

Last Updated May 17, 2011 9:17 AM EDT

Sales messages are IMPORTANT! Your brief summary of what you sell is the core of every communication that you have with prospects and customers alike. An effective sales message means plenty of prospects and a full pipeline. A lousy sales message means... well, you know what it means.

This post contains 5 very simple rules for making your sales messages infinitely more powerful and effective. How? Simply by eliminating the encrustations of BS that have accumulated on them. To illustrate each rule, I've included a real life example of a sales message that's full of BS, with a rewrite.

You can use this post as you craft your own messages. But here's another idea: share this post with your marketing group, since they're often the worst offenders. Seriously, I've seen marketing brochures so full of BS that you could use them to fertilize a factory farm.


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