How to Perfect Pregnancy Fashion

Amy Rubenstein's makover. The "before" look on the left, style expert Amy Koch said, lacked the color pop of the "after" look on the right.
Dressing fashionably can be a headache for expectant moms.

In our "Early's Having a Baby" series, our featured moms-to-be shared their pregnancy fashion woes.

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Amy Rubinstein said she began wearing maternity clothes when she was just four or five weeks pregnant.

"I am not wearing any normal clothes at all," she said.

April Oosterbroek showed "The Early Show" her stacks of discarded jeans.

"These are all my jeans," she said as she lovingly touched the denim. "Oh I can't wear any of these."

Julie Griglio echoed Oosterbroek's issue with jeans, saying, "The jeans are done, the pants are done."

Oosterbroek also has a closet full of high heels she can wear.

"These are super awesome," she said, holding a pair of black lace-up shoes. "Totally will not see these again until I am really back in shape because they are like a super high heel."

For Rubinstein, it's all about ballet flats these days.

"Flats all the way," she said. "Heels are a thing of the past."

Julie Griglio says she looks best in black.

Oosterbroek says she wears tennis shoes and Ugg boots these days over heels.

Griglio added, "I'm much more concerned with comfort with this pregnancy than I was the first pregnancy. I just wanted to look cute (then). Comfort is key."

However, pregnancy doesn't mean you have to leave fashion behind. Style expert Amy Koch, the author of "Bump It Up" shared on "The Early Show" how to look great even when you're sporting a belly bump.

Koch recommends a formulaic approach to fashion. By rotating five the maternity must haves below Koch said pregnant women can transform a handful of basics into dozens of groovy looks.

Pregnancy fashion must-haves:
Dark denim jeans
Empire waist dress
Super-long tank
Pencil skirt

In addition to her tips, Koch gave three of the "Early's Having a Baby" expectant moms a makeover. Click on the video below to view their "before" and "after" looks.

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Noppies maternity black skirt
Ingrid and Isabel Tank Top
DKNY knit "cozy"
DKNY scarf
Long, layered Kara Ross necklaces
Stacked vintage bangles
Kara Ross cocktail ring
Linea Pelle bag

Amy is 5'2", conservative and hates her arms. The task? Delivering an elongated silhouette that is sexy, stylish and polished for the office.

Darker colors are more slimming. The tight, open-neck tank and pencil skirt creates a column effect that compresses everything and gives the illusion of height. Alone, these pieces are blah. But layer in a knit, scarf and bold baubles and you've got a look. Shorter hemlines, especially for shorter women, accent the legs and add the height.
The DKNY COZY is a miracle layering garment. Longer in the front, shorter in the back, it is sporty, modern and creates the vertical quality that makes Amy look 5'7.
Long necklaces lengthen the torso and create a focal point.
A scarf dripping sensuously down the body adds a vertical quality and covers the bulging belly.

Pink Olian tee shirt
J Brand jeggings
Missoni scarf
Kara Ross earrings
Kooba bag
Studded cuff bracelets

Julie is a self described non-fashion plate. She has been funereal in a uniform of black. Color and prints unnerve her. And, her varicose veins limit her wardrobe choices. We have bumped her up into a long, lean baby making machine with a ruched, fitted top and uber legging: jegging and a fierce pair of heels

Nothing frumpifies more than oversized clothing and lack of proportion. With the arrival of your bodacious bump, volume control is the key to a balanced, chic look. Some guidelines? If it is big on top, it should be narrow on the bottom. If it is narrow on top, you can add some volume with a skirt or wide legged pant.
Don't forfeit your fashion identity to pregnancy. Julie is on trend. Look at the runway - jeggings, studded, edgy jewelry, peep toed booties.
Use accessories as tools: Balance your bump with a bag, bring the focal point to your face, neck and shoulders with long earrings and scarves.
V-necks, scoop necks and plunging necklines -slims the bust and gives the illusion of a longer neck.


MORE OF ME MATERNITY "goddess" dress, empire-waisted with leather belt
Neck grazing Kara Ross snakeskin and gold earrings
Stacked Lia Sophia bangles
Turquoise Lia Sophia cocktail ring
Kooba clutch
Charles and David Gold Gladiator Heels

If you are wearing baggy clothing, reign in extra fabric with a belt and/or long, layered, necklaces.
Pregnancy is the optimal time to discover the joys of belting. Aside from being decorative, belts are functional style element the create the illusion of a waist. A stretchy belt can be used below the bra line to create an empire waist. Thicker under the belly belts reflect a harder edge.
A heel visually lengthens your silhouette and balances out your tummy enhanced proportion. You don't need five inch Carrie Bradshaw stilettos, But height will balance out the bulge, elongate your body and add that soupcon of glamour that transforms dumpy to diva.

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