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How To Organize Your Office

If you want to work smarter and faster, start throwing stuff out.

CBS News This Morning invited professional organizer Stephanie Denton to show a businessman how to have a neat and efficient office.

Difiniti is an up and coming software development firm that moved into new sleek offices about a year and a half ago.

Everything there is high tech and state-of-the-art until you get to the office of the president.

Alan Fishman created and runs Difiniti, but it seems like he can't run his paperwork.

"It makes me feel like, as a leader, if I can't find a piece of paper, how can I attempt to run a company?" he asks.

That's where professional organizer Denton came in.

The following are some of her helpful tips that anyone can adopt:

Break large projects into small steps.
Everything needs a home.
Keep what you use most often close by.
Half the battle is having the right tool.

"Alan is good with technology, not so good with papers, so his computer was a perfect tool for us to use to keep track of where his paper files are," Denton explains.

Fishman's office after a consultation

After one eight-hour day, Difiniti's president looks like someone in control of his destiny, a guy with an in box and an out box who can spend his day running the company.

"I think I'll be able to spend my time differently than before. I can sit here and really work," he says.

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