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How to Condescend Your Boss, Dow Jones-Style

Rupert Murdoch is all fired up about the potential for WSJ online -- perhaps a little too fired up. Murdoch said that the site would drop its subscription model, and that he anticipates a massive increase in readership -- from one million to 10-15 million -- when the site becomes ad revenue-supported. Then Michael Rooney, one of the top executives at Dow Jones & Co. did a little backpedaling for him with the following statement:

"It is jumping the gun, people are jumping to conclusions here very quickly. We haven't even closed the deal yet. Mr. Murdoch would like to have the largest, most robust site in business. Free is a way to look at that. But there is a lot of detail behind that. You have to work that out. You don't just flip the switch."
Looks like the boss may want to consult with his staff before making statements about the company's future. And based on Rooney's comments, Murdoch may also want to learn a thing or two about business. Doesn't he know you can't just flip the switch?

(WSJ Online image courtesy of cambodia4kidsorg, cc 2.0)

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