How to Avoid Being an Annoying Younger Manager

Think it's hard being manged by an older, crotchety boss? Just try being older and managed by a younger, bumbling manager. In an interesting video for Knowledge@Wharton and accompanying interview, Wharton School professor Peter Cappelli points out that handling older team members is a huge challenge that will only grow as the working population ages.

"If you look at the research on older workers, you see an incredible amount of discrimination against them, bigger than race, bigger than gender," he say, and that's only the first of many problems that older employees can face at the hands of inexperienced managers. The awkwardness of the situation often causes younger bosses to undermanage older team members, he says.

How can you avoid being one of these incompetent younger managers and get more out of the most experienced members of your team? The video offers tips and an example from an unlikely source -- the military -- and also outlines which companies handle managing older workers well, and which fail miserably.