How Can a Company Pocket an Extra $165,000?

Save Energy Advertisement courtesy Library of CongressHere's one thing your company should know: A 10,000-employee corporation wastes an average of $165,000 a year, simply because employees don't put their PC's to bed by day's end.

A recent study commissioned by 1E and the Alliance to Save Energy found that 60% of office workers fail to turn off their PC's before leaving work. Tallied up, that equals 104 million computers that are either shut down, or left to run every single day.

Most salient is the fact that it's not always the employees' lack of awareness. In many cases, there is a false belief that IT departments in their company require the computers to be left on overnight. 1E says that by simply putting all the nation's computers in hibernate, corporations in the U.S. would save $1.72 billion in utility costs every year, and would take as much carbon out of the atmosphere as every single car in the state of Maryland.