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Homeless Man's Reversal Of Fortune

Police tracked down a man who had been homeless for 20 years to help him collect a $300,000 inheritance.

Steven Kent was found by Long Beach bicycle patrolman Ron Quarn after Kent's sister, Bonnie, filed a missing person report in January. Quarn, who had cited Kent numerous times for minor offenses, knew where Kent usually slept and spotted him in an alley.

Once Kent was found, his sister enlisted the help of a retired probation officer, Victor Vargas, who helped Quarn buy new clothes for Kent while the homeless man was being held for outstanding warrants. They also bought a ticket to Kent's hometown, Sulphur Springs, Ohio, with money sent by his sister.

Quarn persuaded prosecutors to arrange for Kent's release so he could catch a bus to Ohio. Officers will say farewell to Kent when he leaves Wednesday to claim his inheritance.