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Hollywood Dogs To Keep Their Tails

City officials in West Hollywood, California, are trying to ban cosmetic surgery -- for pets.

The city's mayor plans to introduce a motion on Monday that would prohibit such practices as cropping a dog's ears or docking his tail. Also banned would be procedures such as de-barking, de-fanging, and other surgery performed on animals for "non-curative" reasons.

Supporters of the ban say those procedures hurt the animals in order to satisfy their owners' tastes. But a woman who has raised Doberman Pinschers for 40 years rejects the idea that ear-cropping is cruel.

Many European countries already have this type of ban in effect, but Mayor John Duran says it would be a first for the United States.

West Hollywood already outlawed the de-clawing of cats in 2003. It has also designated its residents as pet guardians rather than pet owners.

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