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Holiday Toys: This Year's Hottest

Holiday toys generic AP

NEW YORK (CBS) "Hot holiday toys drive parents crazy and can be as tough to find as Santa's workshop."

So says CNET-TV's Natalie Del Conte in the web show "Eye on Parenting."

But fear not: parenting expert Shannon Eis offered advice on determining what the hot toys will be this shopping season, how to learn about them, and where to find and get good buys on them.

She also showed the toys she predicts will be the hottest.

How can parents know which ones to zero in on? "A lot of those lists are coming out, and they're important to follow," Eis told Del Conte. "But what's most important is to do your own research. Just because your child is asking for it doesn't mean it might be the right product for your child. And there are some great sites, like, a great resource for parents to actually see video reviews" of thousands of toys, and it even tells how to get them out of their packages - not always an easy feat!

The web show also features tips on getting organized to help make your holiday shopping easier:

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