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Holes In Airport Security

The Inspector General's office of the Transportation Department says its investigators slipped through security and even managed to board a number of U.S. and foreign planes at several major airports.

CBS News Correspondent Richard Richard Schlesinger reports that investigators managed to sneak past security by following employees through doors. They also walked unchallenged though concourse gates and cargo facilities. Some even drove through unmanned vehicle gates and rode unguarded elevators.

"About a month ago there was this 13-year-old kid who got onto an aircraft and flew all the way to Cleveland. No ticket," a Reagan National Airport worker in Washington told CBS Radio affiliate WTOP-AM. "He just, I think, walked right behind the agent and had himself a seat and went to Ohio!"

The Transportation Department report blames airport operators and air carriers for not enforcing security procedures and airport workers for not doing their job.

The report also faults the Federal Aviation Administration for failing to make sure security policies are being implemented.

All the nation's biggest airports were tested, and, in general, there was no improvement from six years ago.

The FAA vows to improve security.

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