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Hilton Prison Parody Makes Waves

Paris Hilton is in jail, but she's still making music videos. Well, sort of.

A parody of a Paris Hilton music video surfaced on YouTube on June 6, and has received over 4 million page views since its first appearance. The spoof's producers, comedians Allan Murray and Sean Haines, stopped by The Early Show to talk about the video with co-anchor Julie Chen.

Murray came up with the idea for "Paris in Jail: The Music Video" while he was watching the news. Hilton's song "Stars are Blind" played in the background every time the news station went to commercial. When he realized that the lyrics could be changed in a satirical manner, he called Haines, and started writing.

The casting and concepts, Murray said, came into motion quickly. For example, after Murray and Haines were introduced to seasoned music video character actor James Evans, they immediately chose to make Evans the love interest for Hilton's character.

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The video has received more than 12,000 comments. It has been both lauded and criticized by its viewers. Haines and Murray believe that about 85 to 90 percent of the remarks have been positive.

"Whether you hate Paris or love Paris, everyone likes this video," Murray said. "I don't think we are being super rude. It's kind of flattering."

Haines views this video as a boost for Hilton, since she is a "master of exploiting herself."

Haines said, "I don't think [Hilton] is going to feel bad about this video. It keeps her in the limelight while she's in jail. She's going to come out stronger and bigger than ever."

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